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It takes courage to grieve, any loss that causes a significant change to our lives is a life loss. Death is one of the most profound losses, whether it is a family member, friend, or colleague or pet. Other losses can provoke significant pain as well, such as loss of a relationship, job, home, family, friend, companion, business failure, redundancy, finances loss mobility limitations to sight hearing, health, or memory when children leave the family home.


Although less tangible but possibly of no less significance, is the loss of some part of our belief system such as loss of innocence, trust, dignity, dreams, faith or hopes.


The loss of someone or pet that is close to us or change in our situation that meant so much is one of life’s most stressful events. We fear the loss of companionship, work, health finances and the changes this will bring to our lives. It takes time to heal and each of us responds differently. We may need help in coping with these changes. But in the end, coping effectively with loss is vital to our emotional health. We all grieve in our own way. Don’t compare your grief experience with others or assume you should be finished grieving by a certain time. Rather take a day at a time and at your own pace.


Talk About Your Grief

By sharing your grief outside yourself- healing occurs. Seek out people who will walk with you not in front of you and behind you. You have the right to express your grief.

Give me a call or a text Gina Lee 07947300015 emai:

How does Counselling help? 

• by offering a reliable and confidential relationship free from the pressures of ordinary life

• by offering support during times of crisis or change

• by deepening awareness of yourself and your relationships

• by offering a safe place where you can speak about feelings that worry or frighten you

• by making sense of recurrent problems by exploring their links to the past

• by challenging tendencies to repeat unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour

• by clarifying choices and helping to resolve old hurts and conflicts


Through a counselling relationship I can offer a safe and caring environment where you would be free to explore your thoughts and feelings and your concerns.


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